Two of the Best Spain Honeymoon Destinations

Spain is considered as one of the most passionate and noble countries in Europe. It’s also very diverse mainly because many in its population are not from the Spain itself; this makes the country well known for what it is now – a very open and hospitable capital. The country itself is vast, that is why knowing where to go is essential when traveling here. With such a short span of time to enjoy such awesome destination, every minute spent here needs to be planned well; thus maximize your honeymoon experience in Spain.

What to see and where to go? Here are two of Spain’s best honeymoon destinations 2015: Barcelona and Madrid.


One of the main tourist attractions in Spain that you should not miss, can be found at the Capital of Catalunya: a region of Northern Spain noted for its own traditions, food, and a language completely distinct from the rest of Spain – Barcelona. The Barcelona city center is among the most sought after spots in the tourist scene in Spain.

It features the rich heritage that the city possesses; Barcelona City Center radiates every bit of culture that the City of Barcelona has been bestowed with, over the years of its civilization. Simple as it may seem, but the Barcelona City Center is all but a concrete definition of these three words: Culture, Tradition and Harmony.

Among the grandest things about Barcelona is that the French Pyrenees border can be reached in just two hours from Barcelona city center. If you are into wines and viniculture, this place too can be easily reached. With just an hour ride to the northern part of the city, you could already experience such pure viniculture haven. No lovers can ever deny that such graces make life more fulfilling.


Madrid is also a good contender for a perfect romantic Spanish vacation. This destination is packed with rich Spanish culture paired with modern vibes. Yes, it is blessed with classical tourist attractions such as grand art galleries, astounding live music scenes, bars and restaurants, coupled with people who simply have a way of enjoying the good life. To give you a brief run through, here are some of the highly visited spots in the locality of Madrid:

Museo Del Prado – an art gallery that boasts some of the finest works by finest artists from Spain. The works of the highly renowned Velásquez and El Greco can be found here.

Centro – Another art museum; this is where the artistic feats by the ever famous Picasso are displayed.

Palacio Real – contrary to what many people thinks. This is not a home to the King and Queen of Spain. Rather, it is where public ceremonies and other similar state gatherings are held.

If you think there’s nothing outstanding about local night life scene in Madrid, well think again. While every tourist city has its own social life attraction, Madrid is known to have topped that context; they have buckets bars and pubs that are strongly designed for adventurous couples.

Accommodation Essentials

Spain can provide you home away from home, with its 5-star rated accommodations. You’ll be surprised; you can find the best accommodation in Madrid which you won’t elsewhere. One of the highly renowned hotels in this city is the Ritz Madrid. Tagged as the Number 1 of 40, Ritz Madrid is a luxury hotel which has been home to a number of rich and famous public figures known in the history of mankind. What better way to fatten your soul mate’s heart than to make her feel like a celebrity?

The Ritz Madrid is located at the Paseo Prado, next to the museum. It is only a short and enlivening walk from the Retiro Park. The hotel features 167 different rooms and suites set on the six floor building. Others have balconies imbued with natural daylight. Most rooms come with enormous wardrobes, oriental ceramics, antiques, crystal chandeliers as well as original artworks, and topping it all, a speedy Wi-Fi connection among other modern gadgets that you would anticipate. Amongst the many hotels who claim to offer the best services, this one really stands out, earning a good of 4.9 in many hotel and accommodation sites in Madrid.

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