Top Yoga Retreats in Tamarindo Costa Rica


There are some interesting activities that you can do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Yoga is one of the many activities seeked by tourists who want to spend some time in this area during a vacation. In this article we provide a list of our top recommended places in Tamarindo that can guarantee the best yoga experience in this beautiful tropical location. These places are popular among many tourists who want to enjoy their yoga vacation in Tamarindo:

1. Panacea de la Montana Yoga

This is one of the most popular yoga retreats that you can visit in Tamarindo. There are many tourists who are happy with the environment and all available facilities in this place. They offer a comfortable and calm environment, so you are able to enjoy your yoga experience to the max. They offer professional yoga instructors who are available for you in this beautiful place. They are ready to help you learn the basic yoga techniques easily.

2. Cala Luna Premier Yoga Retreat

Cala Luna is also an excellent option to experience yoga to its best, this is definitely a great option to consider when looking for a yoga retreat in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The hotel offers an incredible and peaceful yoga area that is available to all of their clients. Its outdoor yoga studio is located very close to the hotel rooms. It is located near the beach side, so you can still hear the relaxing waves sound clearly. The combination of breathtaking surroundings and also the natural views will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed, the ideal location for a yoga session.

3. Los Altos de Eros

This is another place to enjoy an incredible yoga experience. This hotel provides peace, privacy, and also serenity for all tourists. The resort offers beautiful suites and rooms that will provide a convenient experience for all guests. Los Altos de Eros also offers daily yoga classes to all of their guests. Clients can join any of the hotel’s yoga classes and experience relaxation at its best.

Tamarindo offers the perfect setting to enjoy any yoga activity. The location is very well-known for its beautiful views and fresh air, not to mention the relaxing sound of the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean. You are guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable yoga experience if you decide to visit any of our top yoga retreats in this area.

There are also other awesome activities that this beautiful location has to offer: surfing, horseback riding, canopy tours, birdwatching and much more. If you are a birding enthusiast, we highly recommend Costa Rica Focus (, they can help you arrange your birding adventure in Costa Rica.

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