Top Yoga Retreats in Tamarindo Costa Rica


There are some interesting activities that you can do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Yoga is one of the many activities seeked by tourists who want to spend some time in this area during a vacation. In this article we provide a list of our top recommended places in Tamarindo that can guarantee the best yoga experience in this beautiful tropical location. These places are popular among many tourists who want to enjoy their yoga vacation in Tamarindo:

1. Panacea de la Montana Yoga

This is one of the most popular yoga retreats that you can visit in Tamarindo. There are many tourists who are happy with the environment and all available facilities in this place. They offer a comfortable and calm environment, so you are able to enjoy your yoga experience to the max. They offer professional yoga instructors who are available for you in this beautiful place. They are ready to help you learn the basic yoga techniques easily.

2. Cala Luna Premier Yoga Retreat

Cala Luna is also an excellent option to experience yoga to its best, this is definitely a great option to consider when looking for a yoga retreat in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The hotel offers an incredible and peaceful yoga area that is available to all of their clients. Its outdoor yoga studio is located very close to the hotel rooms. It is located near the beach side, so you can still hear the relaxing waves sound clearly. The combination of breathtaking surroundings and also the natural views will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed, the ideal location for a yoga session.

3. Los Altos de Eros

This is another place to enjoy an incredible yoga experience. This hotel provides peace, privacy, and also serenity for all tourists. The resort offers beautiful suites and rooms that will provide a convenient experience for all guests. Los Altos de Eros also offers daily yoga classes to all of their guests. Clients can join any of the hotel’s yoga classes and experience relaxation at its best.

Tamarindo offers the perfect setting to enjoy any yoga activity. The location is very well-known for its beautiful views and fresh air, not to mention the relaxing sound of the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean. You are guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable yoga experience if you decide to visit any of our top yoga retreats in this area.

There are also other awesome activities that this beautiful location has to offer: surfing, horseback riding, canopy tours, birdwatching and much more. If you are a birding enthusiast, we highly recommend Costa Rica Focus (, they can help you arrange your birding adventure in Costa Rica.

The Top 5 Beach Destinations In Costa Rica You Should Visit

Records have shown that Costa Rica has nearly three hundred beaches along its tropical Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. However, each beach has a distinct setting and unique draw. On the various beaches in Costa Rica, the sand can vary from black, white, or even brown color. Some beaches are scattered with rocks and full of shells while others are soft in nature carrying fluffy sand. Some of the beaches are perfect for surfing while others go well on swimming. Are you ready to discover what we consider are the top 5 beach destinations in Costa Rica?

Manuel Antonio:

Manuel Antonio boasts world-class beaches and views while being placed high above the enchanting national park. One thing about this beach destination is that accommodation options are plentiful. It also has some of the nation’s most adoring lodging options to select from. Imagine the fresh ocean breeze, shimmering blue water and sparkling white sandy beaches, all from the rocking chair on your patio. As you soak up the sun in Manuel Antonio, you will feel stress magically leaving your body.


Tamarindo was once a quiet fishing town. However, it has evolved to be the area’s most accessible and developed tourist beach city. Tamarindo is located on the central-west coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula. It provides prospective visitors of any budget the opportunity to experience the region’s incredible biodiversity and unspoiled beaches in a plethora of accommodations, from boutique beach hotels such as Cala Luna up to low budget hostels such as Pura Vida Hostel. Despite the town’s ongoing and recent development, Tamarindo retains the laid-back vibe that remains to be one of the main characteristic of the region.

Mal Pais – Santa Teresa:

Malpais remain a sleepy beach hamlet basically known as a surfer’s paradise. Nevertheless, the surf in Malpais is indeed exceptional. It provides outstanding and consistent swells all year round. It sits at the southwestern cusp of the Nicoya Peninsula just opposite to Montezuma and perfectly located four miles north of the Cabo Blanco National Park. The Nicoya Peninsula is considered the stretch and laid-back of beaches in the region. Santa Teresa and Mal Pais remain a great place to experience the beach life. For this reason, you should be ready to unwind and kick back.

Puerto Viejo de Limon:

Located in Costa Rica’s south caribbean coast, famous for its surfing and known especially for its afro-caribbean characteristics, Puerto Viejo invites tourists to come and experience Costa Rica’s hippie-like easygoing lifestyle. The town’s multicultural values are notorious, a mix of Bribri Indian, Afro-Caribbean, hippyish and tico counterculture makes this small port city an anthropological study for itself.

Playa Potrero in Guanacaste:

Playa Potrero located north of Flamingo beach, is an amazing place for lying on warm sand, passing the day, reading in the shade of palm trees and bathing in the sun. On the north end of the beach is located a small fishing village named Potrero. This beach has calm waters ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and experiencing other entertaining beach activities.

Make sure to ask your travel agency to include any of the above beaches to your Costa Rica vacation itinerary. If you do not have a travel agency that specializes in Costa Rica vacations we can recommend Best of Costa Rica, they offer a great variety of travel services such as vacation packages, multi-day guided tours, travel advice and more. Feel free to visit their site here and ask for a custom vacation package, they will gladly build different custom itineraries based on your budget and preferences.

Two of the Best Spain Honeymoon Destinations

Spain is considered as one of the most passionate and noble countries in Europe. It’s also very diverse mainly because many in its population are not from the Spain itself; this makes the country well known for what it is now – a very open and hospitable capital. The country itself is vast, that is why knowing where to go is essential when traveling here. With such a short span of time to enjoy such awesome destination, every minute spent here needs to be planned well; thus maximize your honeymoon experience in Spain.

What to see and where to go? Here are two of Spain’s best honeymoon destinations 2015: Barcelona and Madrid.


One of the main tourist attractions in Spain that you should not miss, can be found at the Capital of Catalunya: a region of Northern Spain noted for its own traditions, food, and a language completely distinct from the rest of Spain – Barcelona. The Barcelona city center is among the most sought after spots in the tourist scene in Spain.

It features the rich heritage that the city possesses; Barcelona City Center radiates every bit of culture that the City of Barcelona has been bestowed with, over the years of its civilization. Simple as it may seem, but the Barcelona City Center is all but a concrete definition of these three words: Culture, Tradition and Harmony.

Among the grandest things about Barcelona is that the French Pyrenees border can be reached in just two hours from Barcelona city center. If you are into wines and viniculture, this place too can be easily reached. With just an hour ride to the northern part of the city, you could already experience such pure viniculture haven. No lovers can ever deny that such graces make life more fulfilling.


Madrid is also a good contender for a perfect romantic Spanish vacation. This destination is packed with rich Spanish culture paired with modern vibes. Yes, it is blessed with classical tourist attractions such as grand art galleries, astounding live music scenes, bars and restaurants, coupled with people who simply have a way of enjoying the good life. To give you a brief run through, here are some of the highly visited spots in the locality of Madrid:

Museo Del Prado – an art gallery that boasts some of the finest works by finest artists from Spain. The works of the highly renowned Velásquez and El Greco can be found here.

Centro – Another art museum; this is where the artistic feats by the ever famous Picasso are displayed.

Palacio Real – contrary to what many people thinks. This is not a home to the King and Queen of Spain. Rather, it is where public ceremonies and other similar state gatherings are held.

If you think there’s nothing outstanding about local night life scene in Madrid, well think again. While every tourist city has its own social life attraction, Madrid is known to have topped that context; they have buckets bars and pubs that are strongly designed for adventurous couples.

Accommodation Essentials

Spain can provide you home away from home, with its 5-star rated accommodations. You’ll be surprised; you can find the best accommodation in Madrid which you won’t elsewhere. One of the highly renowned hotels in this city is the Ritz Madrid. Tagged as the Number 1 of 40, Ritz Madrid is a luxury hotel which has been home to a number of rich and famous public figures known in the history of mankind. What better way to fatten your soul mate’s heart than to make her feel like a celebrity?

The Ritz Madrid is located at the Paseo Prado, next to the museum. It is only a short and enlivening walk from the Retiro Park. The hotel features 167 different rooms and suites set on the six floor building. Others have balconies imbued with natural daylight. Most rooms come with enormous wardrobes, oriental ceramics, antiques, crystal chandeliers as well as original artworks, and topping it all, a speedy Wi-Fi connection among other modern gadgets that you would anticipate. Amongst the many hotels who claim to offer the best services, this one really stands out, earning a good of 4.9 in many hotel and accommodation sites in Madrid.

The Top 5 Vacation Spots in The World That Will Blow Your Mind

A vacation trip is not just like any other trip since it is meant to help you take a break from you daily exhausting activities. Vacation trips come once in awhile; thus it is very critical that you choose a destination that will help you relax and enjoy a different life experience. Choosing a perfect vacation destination can be very tricky especially if you do not have sufficient information in regard to the best places to visit in the world. The following are the top 5 vacation spots in the world which you need to consider when organizing your next vacation trip.


Hawaii is proud of its beautiful and unspoiled beaches thus a perfect place for relaxing your mind. Most visitors adore Hawaii and its surrounding islands for their crystal blue water, exotic resorts and plenty of sunshine. There are five islands surrounding Hawaii, which among them includes Maui, which has an attractive, breathtaking waterfall and stunning volcanoes as well. In fact, Hawaii is one of the most romantic and peaceful places in the world.

Las Vegas

Probably you have ever heard that what happens in Vegas remains in Vegas. This is very true because an experience in Vegas is like no other. Las Vegas is known for various things that include exotic casinos, fabulous hotels, and a partying center. There are a lot of fun activities in this fantastic city that will help you to live your trouble and have a taste of real enjoyable life. The numerous casinos and most luxurious resorts in the world make this city be the most visited tourist destination.


Your visit to Dubai can be a real life experience. This city is located on a coastal strip bordered by calm blue Arabian Gulf water and a magnificent desert. Dubai is well equipped with world-class shopping centers, luxurious hotels, and exotic dining resorts. Experience in a hotel built on an artificial hotel can be mind blowing. Dubai is also the home for the world’s tallest, brightest and magnificent sky scrapper.

Rome, Italy

This is the most beautiful historic city in Europe. Italy homes many ancient monuments, museums and medieval churches as well. Some of the other sports that might interest you are the St Peters Cathedral and Vatican. Your visit here will also give an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic Italian cuisine and a lot of exciting night parties.

Paris, France

Paris is very famous for its influence on arts, culture, and food and fashion design. France is also proud to be a home for the world’s most famous tower, the Eiffel Tower. This is among the top tourist destination that allows you to experience different types of culture and life. Up to today, Paris still tops the list of the most romantic cities in the world

Let your next vacation be full of real life changing experience and enjoyment. The above destinations have a lot to offer which will make you want to go back to have more fun.

Adventure Vacation Ideas for Couples: Making Out-of-the-Ordinary Memories

While others define vacation as a means to sit by the beach while watching the sunset or sunrise with the waves, sipping cocktails and enjoying a different kind of nightlife, some prefer a quiet trip to mountains, canoeing in the lake, visiting underground caves, taking long strolls around a forest, visiting churches or any other historical icons and so much more. Whichever it is that you decide to indulge yourself into, it is always going to be a great and fascinating experience, especially if you get to spend it with the closest person to your heart, your partner. So if you are seeking for remarkable adventure vacation ideas for couples, then that is what we are going to give you.

Bird Watching in Galapagos Islands

Aside from the obvious fun surrounding areas, this place also offers an abundance of bird species that will surely fascinate you. You could enjoy bird watching experience in here while the sun is high and then take a dip in the water and witness swimming with penguins, sea lions, tropical fish and sea turtles.

River Rafting in Colorado

Who wouldn’t want the thrill of whooshing waters that remind you how great life can be? The adrenaline that this could give you would surely be remarkable. River rafting in Colorado is a definite experience and then be prepared to experience more through their dining spots at the riverbanks, sleeping under the stars and wake up on the sight of rising sun over the mountains.

Tandem of Romance and Adventure in Kauai

Kauai is known as the Hawaiian destination with the perfect combination of romance and thrill. After enjoying each other’s company by staying on a secluded beach, you may also increase the thrill by climbing off a cliff and watch a view that will make you breathless of amazement. Horseback riding is also a must-do activity in the place as well as taking a journey in their rainforest.

Zip-Lining at Smoky Mountains

While it is true that Smoky Mountains are known for hiking, shopping and the like, why not consider venturing to a new adrenaline-booster activity such as zip lining? You and your partner would surely enjoy an extraordinary way of enjoying the view meters and meters high above the trees at 40 miles per hours. Zip-lines in Smoky Mountains consist of 18 lines and ends with a long rappel out of the trees. Three hours of sailing through treetops is a promising thing, right?