Adventure Vacation Ideas for Couples: Making Out-of-the-Ordinary Memories

While others define vacation as a means to sit by the beach while watching the sunset or sunrise with the waves, sipping cocktails and enjoying a different kind of nightlife, some prefer a quiet trip to mountains, canoeing in the lake, visiting underground caves, taking long strolls around a forest, visiting churches or any other historical icons and so much more. Whichever it is that you decide to indulge yourself into, it is always going to be a great and fascinating experience, especially if you get to spend it with the closest person to your heart, your partner. So if you are seeking for remarkable adventure vacation ideas for couples, then that is what we are going to give you.

Bird Watching in Galapagos Islands

Aside from the obvious fun surrounding areas, this place also offers an abundance of bird species that will surely fascinate you. You could enjoy bird watching experience in here while the sun is high and then take a dip in the water and witness swimming with penguins, sea lions, tropical fish and sea turtles.

River Rafting in Colorado

Who wouldn’t want the thrill of whooshing waters that remind you how great life can be? The adrenaline that this could give you would surely be remarkable. River rafting in Colorado is a definite experience and then be prepared to experience more through their dining spots at the riverbanks, sleeping under the stars and wake up on the sight of rising sun over the mountains.

Tandem of Romance and Adventure in Kauai

Kauai is known as the Hawaiian destination with the perfect combination of romance and thrill. After enjoying each other’s company by staying on a secluded beach, you may also increase the thrill by climbing off a cliff and watch a view that will make you breathless of amazement. Horseback riding is also a must-do activity in the place as well as taking a journey in their rainforest.

Zip-Lining at Smoky Mountains

While it is true that Smoky Mountains are known for hiking, shopping and the like, why not consider venturing to a new adrenaline-booster activity such as zip lining? You and your partner would surely enjoy an extraordinary way of enjoying the view meters and meters high above the trees at 40 miles per hours. Zip-lines in Smoky Mountains consist of 18 lines and ends with a long rappel out of the trees. Three hours of sailing through treetops is a promising thing, right?

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