The Top 5 Beach Destinations In Costa Rica You Should Visit

Records have shown that Costa Rica has nearly three hundred beaches along its tropical Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. However, each beach has a distinct setting and unique draw. On the various beaches in Costa Rica, the sand can vary from black, white, or even brown color. Some beaches are scattered with rocks and full of shells while others are soft in nature carrying fluffy sand. Some of the beaches are perfect for surfing while others go well on swimming. Are you ready to discover what we consider are the top 5 beach destinations in Costa Rica?

Manuel Antonio:

Manuel Antonio boasts world-class beaches and views while being placed high above the enchanting national park. One thing about this beach destination is that accommodation options are plentiful. It also has some of the nation’s most adoring lodging options to select from. Imagine the fresh ocean breeze, shimmering blue water and sparkling white sandy beaches, all from the rocking chair on your patio. As you soak up the sun in Manuel Antonio, you will feel stress magically leaving your body.


Tamarindo was once a quiet fishing town. However, it has evolved to be the area’s most accessible and developed tourist beach city. Tamarindo is located on the central-west coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula. It provides prospective visitors of any budget the opportunity to experience the region’s incredible biodiversity and unspoiled beaches in a plethora of accommodations, from boutique beach hotels such as Cala Luna up to low budget hostels such as Pura Vida Hostel. Despite the town’s ongoing and recent development, Tamarindo retains the laid-back vibe that remains to be one of the main characteristic of the region.

Mal Pais – Santa Teresa:

Malpais remain a sleepy beach hamlet basically known as a surfer’s paradise. Nevertheless, the surf in Malpais is indeed exceptional. It provides outstanding and consistent swells all year round. It sits at the southwestern cusp of the Nicoya Peninsula just opposite to Montezuma and perfectly located four miles north of the Cabo Blanco National Park. The Nicoya Peninsula is considered the stretch and laid-back of beaches in the region. Santa Teresa and Mal Pais remain a great place to experience the beach life. For this reason, you should be ready to unwind and kick back.

Puerto Viejo de Limon:

Located in Costa Rica’s south caribbean coast, famous for its surfing and known especially for its afro-caribbean characteristics, Puerto Viejo invites tourists to come and experience Costa Rica’s hippie-like easygoing lifestyle. The town’s multicultural values are notorious, a mix of Bribri Indian, Afro-Caribbean, hippyish and tico counterculture makes this small port city an anthropological study for itself.

Playa Potrero in Guanacaste:

Playa Potrero located north of Flamingo beach, is an amazing place for lying on warm sand, passing the day, reading in the shade of palm trees and bathing in the sun. On the north end of the beach is located a small fishing village named Potrero. This beach has calm waters ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and experiencing other entertaining beach activities.

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